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Sai GRT Group of Technologies founded in 2013 we are are based at Delhi India, our service area is all over india, dubai and Nigeria. We grew quickly into a major Managed Services Provider, assisting many SMEs with their IT Support, IT Management needs, Website Development, Business Applications, ERP, Complete IT Infrastructure, Apps Development, Digital Marketing, Complete solution for small business startup. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and a no-nonsense service agreements helps us maintain a high level of client satisfaction.

We are a Team of Experts

Tanu Singh Tanu Singh

Tanu Singh

Creative Director

Let’s create
something amazing

We are creative and we have unique designs to make your brand attractive, we will provide digital presence to get more business

Gaurav Chauhan Gaurav Chauhan

Gaurav Chauhan


Royce Allen Royce Allen

Sam Anjankar

Graphic designer

Maria Mayers Maria Mayers

Maria Mayers

Web designer

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part of our team

Please send your application to hr@grttechgroup.com, please will get back if we have suitable vacancy.

James Charles James Charles

James Charles

Back-end developer

Become a
part of our team

Please send your application to hr@grttechgroup.com, please will get back if we have suitable vacancy.

Kathleen Kirkpatrick Kathleen Kirkpatrick

Kathleen Kirkpatrick

Front-end developer



GRT Technologies keeps doing what comes naturally to them which is building teams with their clients, partners and creating software development and support. Job well done. I have used them since 2017, Congratulations to all your teams.

Akash Takyar
LeewayHertz, Gurugram

GRT Techologies provide great quality for the best prices that i have found in the business. I have been very happy with their work to date and recommend them highly...Thanks and Congrats..!!

Gaurav Gupta
EPM Consultants, Delhi

We thank GRT Technologies for the wonderful job in helping us develop our program and giving us digital presence. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Sagar Bishnoi
B&T Engineering, Ghaziabad

If you are looking for a web design company who is fast and affordable, organized and very detailed oriented, then you will find it with GRT Technologies They designed, our idea of a website to all our specifications. They also made many creative improvements that we never thought of. We would recommend GRT Technologies.!!!

Mohammad Faisel
Al Sukariyah, Dubai

GRT Technologies is driven by a passion to create and deliver on new ideas and that is reflected in their work. It is a team that strives for excellence and is open to experimenting and creating new trends in the business. Our work relationship has been productive and we have collectively been able to achieve great results. I wish Team GRT Technologies more triumphs in future.

Mary Ross
Adachy Int'l, Africa

We provide

Web Solutions

  • Website Development

  • Website Security & Maintinance

  • Web Hosting & Emails

  • Social Medial Design


  • FB/Insta/LinkedIn Ad Campaign

  • Google Leads/PPC

  • Google MyBusiness

Graphics Design

  • Brand Logo Design

  • Stationary Design

  • Banners, Icon, Symbols Design

  • Branding Stuff Design

  • Explainer Video

  • FB/Twitter/Insta Ads Content


  • Web Development

  • ERP for all industry

  • POS for Shop, Supremarket, Mall

  • HTML, PHP, Java, Bootstrap Development

  • WordPress, Joomla, Moto customise

  • Buseiness Applications

  • Custom CMS Development

Our Products

  • Appartment Management System

  • Smart School Management System

  • eLearning Management for Institute/Coaching Center

  • Complete HR management with payroll

  • eCommerce Development

  • Business Portal - Real Estate, Logistics, Taxi, Finance, Jobs portal etc.

  • AI Based Smart Homes

Who We Are

Design affects human. It changes the view of life and self-image. We at GRT Technologies make sure that your brand reflects what it stands for. We provide complete solutions for your designing needs that are crucial to your Branding, Marketing, and Advertising requirements.

What We Do

Web Development

Every website we design is focused on just one single goal – to help you secure more customers for your business. We’ve helped consultants, law firms, manufacturing firm, service provider and accountants develop websites that actually perform. That’s what we love to do, and that’s how we can help you.

Responsive Website technologies will enable your customers to access your website from their smartphone, tablets and laptops, or any devices.

Responsive web designs are good for many situations, but in some cases, you need more control on display and content when someone opens your website in mobile.

Why pay a web developer for minor changes? If you need to make small changes in content, pictures or add new products. We use friendly Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress or even custom-made to make your life easier and budget friendly.

Digital Marketing

We’ll discover what your potential customers are searching for online, and build you a paid advertising strategy to grow online leads, calls, and revenue. With Google Ad-words, or Facebook campaigns, we ensure your ads stand out by strategic planning, designing and targeting – using best industry practices.The key to success is consistency and continuous improvement. We regularly measure conversions, testing new keywords and targets – and comparing results to stay ahead of the curve.

Bringing traffic and potential customs to your website is just half the job, the real objective is to convert this valuable traffic to into qualified leads and sales. We take every opportunity to bring your visitors into your sales funnel, we’ll help to design and develop landing pages that increase your chances of a conversion. Compelling Sales Copy and Proper Call to actions play an important role. By A/B testing we ensure to use best and continuous improvement to generate best returns on investment. Digital Marketing

We’ll pair you with one of our digital advertising specialists, so you’ll always be able to check in on the status of a campaign. Plus, we will analyse all data to continually optimise and improve your marketing campaigns.


Do you seek More Traffic? More Leads? More Visibility? Wisdom will deliver all three. SEO Dubai is all about getting found in search results in Google, Bing etc. There are proven search engine optimisation techniques and strategies to follow which will help your website rank higher, and we’ll be here helping you every step of the way. Get the Best Search Engine Ranking with our Search Engine Optimization Services Dubai. Our website SEO services are designed to earn your website more traffic and sales from Google organic traffic in a legitimate way and for the long term.


Social media marketing is a very simple yet very smart & efficient process of driving your audience to your website – using your social media channels. Gain Traffic, Attention, Brand Awareness, and Customer Feedback & Leads with social media marketing today.


Get free social media consultation for your business from SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING to B2B MARKETING. Get free strategic consultancy and grow your audience on leading social media platforms & start monitoring increased audience flow on your website.

Social Media Strategy:

Our Team along with Client Team brain storm every month to make a social media strategy. It involves analyzing previous period results and planning upcoming period strategy.

Social Media Management:

Designing Posts, Posting and monitoring, answering customers queries are part of our social media management services. Interactive posts, videos, pictures, and music, GIFs, shoppable posts, discount offers, stories, etc are just few types.

Remarketing on Social Channels:

Social retargeting, or remarketing reminds, reintroduces and making offers to prospects who visited your website and then left without making decision. It increases conversion by more than 30%.

Social Media Advertising:

Social retargeting, or remarketing reminds, reintroduces and making offers to prospects who visited your website and then left without making decision. It increases conversion by more than 30%.

Graphics Design & Branding

Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding is about using a variety of ingredients to express why people should choose one brand over another – differentiation. It comes from a desire to outpace the competition, and give businesses the best tools to communicate customers Brand identity is taking these disparate elements and unifying them into whole systems..

Logo Design:

Your logo is usually the most recognisable part of your brand. A logo is used for businesses or products and is a graphic symbol used to aid and promote identification and recognition of the same. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark. The logo should be the result of of deep research into your competition, should be unique, relevant and attractive.

Brochure Design:

Brochures will expand your company’s visibility. Brochures are essential marketing tools when reaching out to new customers. Be sure the copy in your brochure sends out a positive message about your company, service or product – one that shows how amazing you are – that will make people be attracted to your service.

Packaging Design:

The design of your packaging is equally important as the product itself. Effective packaging is essential to stand out from your competition and attract customers. The right colours, images and design on your packaging extends the rand identity and makes you recognisable and familiar to the buyer.

Graphic Design:

Graphic design is visual communication. Everywhere you look at any time – you are exposed to graphic design. Everything that needs to be communicated must be put into some form of design that communicates the message. Graphic design is essential to inform, persuade, direct, organise, entertain, and attract attention through design. We take this across brochures, PPTs, flyers, newsletters – EVERYTHING!

Company Profile Design:

A powerful company profile is an essential tool to attract customers and prospects. It is an informative platform, highlighting what your company stands for engaging with prospective clients to help them better understand what makes you different and better than your competitors. Having an excellent company profile has the potential of positioning your brand as best in your industry.

Our Skills

  • Front-end Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Back-end Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Motion Design
  • Brand Strategy

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